Wrong Ways to Do Digital Marketing

Wrong Ways to Do Digital Marketing

The web is a business tool capable of giving great returns. If you are an entrepreneur or a CEO you can not afford to ignore it. Having a presence on the web is now indispensable for any company, regardless of its size, the sector in which it operates and the market conditions. But the way in which the company is present online is equally fundamental. In this sense, the wrong approach to web marketing is often a waste of time, resources, money. In some cases, it can even compromise not only digital marketing actions and the company’s online reputation but also its marketing activities and its image in the offline world. Below are some wrong ways to do online marketing

Professionals do not manage the Online Presence Of Your Company

Treasure the experience of many entrepreneurs who have preceded you: if you turn to those who are not competent, your web marketing actions will prove useless. On the contrary, they may even be deleterious. Get professional help as there are a lot of good agencies like Edkent media offering expertise services.

You Have Focused Everything on Traffic, Not Conversions

Conducting traffic on your website or your e-commerce is essential. In fact, without generating a flow of visitors it is impossible for someone to notice your business and contact you. Without traffic, it is impossible to do lead generation.

But the question is, is the traffic you carry on your online projects qualified? That is to say: are your visitor’s potential customers on target for your business? Or is it generic traffic?. Know that it is only the targeted traffic that converts, while the generic one is practically useless: it only makes a volume. In this sense, it is better to have ten visitors a day, but very qualified, than 1,000 Internet users picked up here and there in the maze of the web.

Note: a good digital marketing agency is one that can convert visitors into paying customers. If you are interested, you can check out Edkent media, a Toronto based digital marketing company.

Do Not Measure the Results of Your Digital Marketing Actions

The web is indeed a powerful tool at the service of your business, but this does not dispense from measuring the results of your actions on the Net.

Unfortunately, I have seen too many companies start well, studying a marketing strategy and choosing a tactic for the presence online, but then did not monitor the results of their digital marketing activities. And this is very serious. Because if you do not measure what you earn, you do not know if what you’re doing brings you to return on investment (ROI) or you’re throwing your money.


Avoid doing your online business the wrong way as it comes with a lot of disadvantages. Be open to new and creative strategies.

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