Why seniors should consider using ridesharing services

Why seniors should consider using ridesharing services

As ridesharing becomes increasingly popular, everyone from young riders to the elderly, individuals and businesses are turning to services including Uber, Lyft and WeDrive.

According to the team at WeDrive, here are four main reasons seniors should consider using ridesharing services.


Although public transportation options such as buses, trains and ferries are very useful for commuters, it can be difficult for seniors, particularly those visiting a different city, to understand which ride they need to be on.

Ridesharing makes it easier for seniors to get out and about as they can have a driver at their location in minutes. Some popular areas, including airports, even have designated drop off and pick up locations for ridesharing drivers, making it even easier for seniors to find their lift.

Less stress

Rather than feeling the need to drive to their destination, ridesharing allows seniors to have an alternative option, which is safe and affordable – and comes without having to worry about parking and vehicle safety.

It’s particularly handy for those who no longer feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Ease of scheduling

Although some seniors might be uncomfortable or have difficulty using a ridesharing app, there are third-party services available, including RideWith24 or Arrive, which are specifically created to help those needing help booking rides.

Many ridesharing services also allow users to schedule a ride up to 30 days in advance.


Ridesharing has never been safer as loved ones can follow in real-time where seniors are during their trip. Another major safety benefit is seniors not needing to carry cash on trips, as they can instead have a credit or debit card linked to their account.

While this process may be confusing, it only needs to be set up once so a family member can help do this before a senior takes their first ride.


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