Video conference system construction installation and debugging methods

Video conference system construction installation and debugging methods

Video conference system construction installation and debugging methods:

First, we must first set up a good display device.

Display device adjustment is mainly the adjustment of the TV, the installation location to be horizontal and vertical, the TV input signal source to the HDMI interface input can also use the VGA matrix to the TV’s VGA interface. 【Video Conference Terminal】

Second, the second to carry out the debugging of the various cameras.

The contents of the debugging include:

1, the scope and control of the activities of the PTZ, the focus of the lens, the adjustment of the white balance, the sensitivity of the adjustment, the output system, prefabricated point adjustment, etc., editing and distribution equipment debugging, including adjustment of signal input and output system, Select the format of the characters.

2, Canon XF105 HD camera control, respectively, the use of external power supply and internal power

Pool when the external HDMI high-definition data lines to the display terminal of real-time images and video conditions, lens focus, white balance adjustment.

 3, indoor surveillance camera image to monitor the terminal image situation. Requirements can basically see the real-time situation. When the system debugging has been completed, and to confirm the various equipment in good condition, there is no obvious debugging is not the time, it should start the entire system of a comprehensive debugging. The overall task of overall debugging is not explicitly defined, and its main task is to check whether the working parts of each of them are coordinated in the co-operation of the systems and check whether they will interact and interfere with each other in a work.

Third, the system simulation run

1, first of all to measure the system running and the overall operation of the power supply line phase of the current. The actual operation and the theoretical value will certainly be different from the actual operation of the current situation must be measured, if found that the actual measured value and the theoretical value of a large gap, or the proportion of the proportion of each phase current distribution is large, the line current is abnormal Phenomenon, must be re-rectification to ensure safe use of electricity.

 2, the second to check the various Video Conference equipment in the full load operation and long time running stability. These checks include: changes in sound quality, the stability of the wireless microphone frequency and the battery is not sufficient to accept the situation, the equipment for a long time when the noise generated by the situation and so on.

3, and finally to check the various equipment in the full load operation and long hours of operation when the heat situation. The various devices in a certain degree of fever, the equipment will not use and system, equipment, what impact on the safety. However, if the installation does not retain the appropriate cooling space, or the device itself in a long time, heavy load operation of the heat dissipation is not good, it should be resolved, otherwise the light equipment to protect, resulting in equipment damage.

Also need to add is: generally in the simulation run under different load, different time system test run, further check the system work safety and stability.

In short, the simulation operation of the video conferencing system is very important and very necessary work, then each of the work in exchange for the long-term operation of the equipment will be stable and the safety of the system work. Especially the power supply lines and equipment heating conditions, will be directly related to the safety of the project, so all engineering and technical personnel to attach great importance.

Fourth, the results of the debugging and the record of the problem

Sound engineering to debug, set and check the project a lot of these results and problems are the future use and maintenance of important reference materials, it is necessary to carry out each step in the results and problems recorded, the necessary analysis and summary. The useful data for the user should be given to them; the useful data for future maintenance should be kept by the designer.

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