Townhouse or Condo – What’s the Difference?

Townhouse or Condo – What’s the Difference?

From a townhouse along with a condo, there’s lots of difference. Everybody desires proudly owning at some point so if you’re thinking about either of those as the first, or maybe last, home you should understand what each is and just how they differ.



It is a kind of row or terraced house that’s similar in size and shape and can usually share common walls. They’re considered just one-family residence with every getting another entrance. When you purchase a townhouse, you’re purchasing a special unit from the lengthy type of qualities which are similar. In historic Ireland and United kingdom, it had been a home for aristocrats in the capital they used once they needed to attend parliament sessions or during social functions.


It’s also called a condominium and is a kind of housing tenure which means common possession. They were part of a particular estate which are offered or leased to some tenant. Who owns the entire estate did this. Today it’s a expression used as an alternative for special unit, or apartment which are leased or purchased.


Major variations

  • Possession specifications-whenever you possess a condo you’ll be the legal who owns exactly what is within the interior and when the apartment owner really wants to use all of those other amenities, they have to pay a regular monthly fee towards the condo association. All people who possess a condo form this association.

  • Property taxes-the one which owns the apartment also offers to pay for property tax on their own individual living space however the townhouse homeowner needs to pay not just for his or her living space but in addition for the floor which it’s built. Substandard the cost for any townhouse might be greater compared to cost of the condo.

  • The townhouse owner will need to pay an amount to some homeowner’s association for that upkeep of the complex however the monthly dues that the condo owner pays takes proper care of the general maintenance without having to pay an additional fee.

  • Structure of the house-mo appear size a townhouse that you simply get it is on the walk out. There aren’t any more floors on the top aside from perhaps a terrace or it may be built-in another type of architectural like Cape Cod. The apartment is generally situated in a 2 or 3 floor complex. It may be inside a luxurious high-finish multistory building together with exotic views.

  • Condos are safer than townhouses because they are encircled with a close neighborhood

  • Townhouses offer more privacy when you are not encircled by lots of neighbors.
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