Top 5 Fall Activities in Vancouver

Top 5 Fall Activities in Vancouver

To be precise for those who don’t know what fall time is, it is the period just after summer when leaves on the trees are turning yellow, orange, red and fall down. In the northern hemisphere, this season begins in September and ends in November.

Vancouver is a popular port in British Columbia. what makes it popular is its density and different ethics. No one can afford to ignore its beauty. It is surrounded by mountains, picturesque scenery, and thriving art. Additionally, it is a well-known site for filming.

To renew or build your love for the fall season in Vancouver, consider engaging in these fun-filled activities. For those who want to enjoy all these activities during this season, easy and fast movement is compulsory. Thus, if you don’t own a car, then you may need to consider car rental in Vancouver.

Visit the Vancouver Art Gallery

This gallery is made for this cold season. A cup of coffee with a friend would add to the memory of getting through this beautiful art gallery. This museum comprises of 10,000 pieces of permanent holdings including majorly historical and contemporary work of Vancouver artists.

Start Your Theater Season

Most of the theaters in Vancouver begin operating during the fall. It is a perfect time to grab a show. Some great picks to choose from include Arts Club Theatre Company. If you don’t find enough contentment in this, then catch the fun and get closer to the greatest football in Vancouver, consider watching the BC Lions home match.

Take a Walk Outside

Leaves, trees, and parks are changing their colors. To have a look at them from a closer view, go outdoors and engage yourself in nature by taking a walk outside. It does not matter whether you choose to get to the top of Grouse Mountain through a steep hiking trail or to take a stroll through the Stanley Park. The fresh air will freshen up your body and brain.

Visit Fright Nights at Playland

Fight Nights take place at Playland, the amusement park of the Pacific National Exhibition, in October. These nights are a Vancouver Halloween tradition. You will enjoy the best exhibits and shows, the diversity of the haunted houses and more than 15 rides.

Take a Ghost Train Ride

The Ghost Train is a live theatrical performance train that rides in the Stanley Park. This journey is filled with skeletons, Halloween scenes, and many scary tales. Taking your kids on a Ghost Train ride will give them massive unimaginable fun and memories.

The fall time is a considerable long time so you can engage in all these activities each at a time. Or if there is a particular activity that you like the most, then you can do it over and over again until you get bored and switch to another.

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