The Secret to Achieve Better Body – High Intensity Training

The Secret to Achieve Better Body – High Intensity Training

High Intensity Training – HIT

Today, bodybuilding and weightlifting routines commonly extend into fests of isolation and compound movements. These often use numerous sets, ‘scientific’ methodology, and what can be seen in most gyms is that these provide little results. But this hasn’t always been the case, and if we are to look back to turn of the century strongmen, we can undoubtedly see that they were focused on short, hard workouts utilizing basic movements and heavy weights. Here are a few examples of what people did before steroids and supplements became mainstream.

The other HIT conditions for growth

In brief,

1) Hard work. Not necessarily long work, but hard work. One must work harder than they have ever done at any point in their life. If they do not put every ounce of effort they possibly can into each and every set, then there is no way that they can get the results that they could.

2) Good nutrition. Eat well and stay healthy. One must have an adequate intake of all the essential vitamins and minerals their body requires each day, as well as the essential fatty acids. They must also take in adequate calories each day; if they are eating 2000 calories a day as a fully grown adult male, the chances are they are eating far too little to grow their body to maximize the benefits that weight training can bring. One can also opt for some supplements that can be bought at a lower price in Mexico.

3) Include cardio-vascular work in their routine. This is not just for health reasons – though that is its most important benefit – but it also allows for better growth in the long run.

4) Rest. If one isn’t getting at least 7-8 hours’ sleep each night, then their body will find it much more difficult to repair and progress.


If at the end of this article one takes nothing more away from it than the message of consistent progressive training, then the article will have been a success. There is no point in using the greatest routine ever devised, if one is only working out one week in three, or working harder than anyone else in the gym, if they never increase their poundage. One should work on getting to good numbers in the big lifts, in good form with a good range of motions, and setting both long and short term goals, and keeping at it. To sum up, one should squat hard, deadlift hard, eat, rest and grow, and that is the secret.


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