Starting New Habits that Actually Stick with the 3 Rs of Habit Change

Starting New Habits that Actually Stick with the 3 Rs of Habit Change

According to researchers, a person can be defined by their habits. As a person, you can change your life completely if you change how you do things daily. For instance, a woman who wants to cut weight should develop a habit of doing cardio in the morning, visiting the gym a few days in a week, eating an appropriate diet and taking enough water every day.

Likewise, your happiness in life is defined by the habits that you adopt. Amazingly, it is possible to change your habits at any moment of your life. But results are gained if you make them stick. If you intend to change your life for the better, here are the best tips you can follow. They focus on the 3 Rs of habit change.


This is where it all begins. Every habit has a trigger that initiates it. Some experts also call it the cue. In athletics, the determination to achieve your goals works like an alarm in their ears. At first, they may have to write down all that they need to do and the time that it should be done to avoid forgetting.

For those who are new in fitness, probably they admire other athletes or want to achieve some goals like weight loss. Thinking about these should motivate you enough to go out and workout.

However, technology has come to assist people in making work easier. Fitness apps have excellent reminders of when you need to work out and what you should do. They also tell you the right time to take your water or supplements.


The most important part of behavior change is the action. It is the implementation stage of your goals. After the alarm goes off, what is done will determine the results that you will get. Being active in sports, taking your morning 25 minutes of cardio, walking to work and eating the right diet is what matters most if you have decided to remain fit.

Additionally, it is how consistent you are in your actions that will yield intended results later. Athletes with a 3 weeks fitness cycle must always obey the reminders and get into action. If you are using steroids, you must make sure that you take them as recommended.


The final stage is reaping the benefits. Every behavior that people emulate has a benefit. Your workmate can tell you that it has been a tough journey staying fit to attain that model body that you admire. They chose to change their habit by being active instead of being a couch potato. The reward of a positive habit in life is usually enjoyable.


From the above insights, it is clear that changing into positive habits is a process. The good part is that the process is manageable. If you follow the 3 Rs of habit change, you will indeed smile in the end. However, you must monitor your routine stage to make sure that you are heading in the right direction, particularly in fitness.


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