Some crispy and healthy tips which can make your VDO’s stand out

Some crispy and healthy tips which can make your VDO’s stand out


There is no doubt in saying that internet has completely changed everything and especially generation Y. It has brought not only globe together by connecting with their smartphones and high-speed net connectivity, but its advantages and high connectivity rate have opened gate for videos on internet. In fact, with 5G somewhere in the corner, videos are going to be permanent form of web content. There might be problem of plenty and intense inevitability so as stand out from bundle of crowd.  Overall, necessity is mother of the invention.

Tips to make VDO stand out

Clear audio, prioritize crisp: Audio quality is much more important than professional video quality. Most of the people watch video which is not shot in HD quality or even if it is little grainy but as long as everything seems fit and good. But indistinct audio is something which can simply within no time make any person hit back button just after few seconds of playing. So to get the best out of your VDO make sure that you are capturing clear audio and this can be done by putting microphone as close as possible to the subject. You can even use pop filter for eliminating crackles and blips on finished recording. Also be aware of background noises that microphone usually pick up.

Adding some value and efforts: Whether believe it or not, everyone out there will not sit throughout your video no matter how short it is. In fact, why they should? Millions of other videos are on internet and many of them have even cats in them. So, try and add some value in your videos and make sure it gets shared to other enthusiasts beyond your inner friends circle and family members. Most of the people these days are altruistic, this means if they will get some benefit by seeing your video, they will definitely share it with their connections and friends.

Use pattern interrupts: One of the best ways through which you can make your visitors glue to videos is using pattern interrupts. By this way you are making their brain function a little bit more as visitors will be able to figure out what your video is actually about. This as a result increases watch time because a new strategy never fails and they will be seeing something that they have never seen before. Therefore, you must always have a strategy as doing things in same way is really boring and this make people lose their interest. This is great way for those who don’t know how to make VDO stand out [ทำอย่างไรให้ VDO โดดเด่น, which is the term in Thai].

Repurpose your video: Reusing your videos in new ways can never be disappointing. But, make sure that you construct videos in such way that futuristic ideas can be blended into it so as to refocus purpose of video. Let audience see creativity of your brand and moreover how videos can be used to refocus minds. But, make sure that VDO do carry power of ability of swaying audience in the right direction where you actually want to take them. This is not an easy task at all because it does require lot of probability and brainstorming decisions, but when it get you great result at end of day you will be happier.

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