Sharpen your picture to extract its beauty

Sharpen your picture to extract its beauty

Photography is a wide subject having a various aspect which when combined makes a unique and picture. While clicking pictures, there are times when pictures seem blurry and dull. This blurriness and dullness can be reduced by sharpening the pictures. Sharpening of the image accentuates the intricate details of the picture. Photo editing programs can be used to sharpen the edges and shadows in the picture. This makes the picture to stand out from the other similar pictures and catches the eye of the viewer. gives you an insight on how to sharpen the picture.

Filters used to sharpen the picture

  • Degree: Under this, the photographer decides the degree of adjustment which is needed to be done. When the photographer has the detail of the extent of adjustment editing becomes easier.
  • Radius: Here the photographer determines the area that needs sharpening. A smaller radius can be used to sharpen smaller details. Every adjustment made in sharpening an area of the picture will have its effect on the areas as well. Don’t overdo to get a natural look.
  • Masking: Masking gives the photographer control on the areas where adjustment is made. You can select areas that need high contrast and leave areas that you need to keep smooth.

Tips for sharpening the picture

  • Use the sharpening filter only when the picture is clicked, and all the editing is done.
  • Use the sharpening filter as the final polishing object for your picture.
  • You should check the picture once the editing is done to add sharpness in the picture.
  • Print your picture only after verifying the areas that need reassessment.
  • If there is any fault in the picture re-edit the picture at the areas required.
  • Use different blending modes to create unique and creative effects in the picture.
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