Reasons why flavors can be harmful to vape

Reasons why flavors can be harmful to vape

E-cigarette was developed in order to reduce the number of tobacco smokers. It worked up to a great extent, as the people were quitting smoking. However, as the researchers tested the hardness of the e-liquids used in Australian e-cigarettes, they were not happy about the results. People were still prone to harm if they continued to vape. This made the government of some countries to apply the strict rule of the use of e-cigarettes. The amount of nicotine available in the liquid could be dangerous, especially when burned as many other chemicals would then combine with the smoke. The damage caused is less as compared to tobacco cigarettes, but yet it is harmful. The e-cigarette itself is not harmful, but the liquid used is. The flavor of the e-juice is created by mixing certain chemicals. When these chemicals are mixed with nicotine, the resulting liquid may be very toxic and dangerous to human health.

How adding flavors to e-cigarette liquid is dangerous?

Since a lot of people like to vape, some companies have decided to broaden the variety of flavors available. These companies will create a new type of liquids which will contain certain flavors which will be added to the liquid. Teens like sweet flavor like cotton candy, mango, chocolate and much more. Adding these flavors to the liquid without verifying the combination is very dangerous and can be lethal for the consumer. When these new flavors are added to the liquid, the chemical will react with the liquid which in turn may cause itching and inflammation in the human body when inhaled. Since there is very less information regarding the flavored liquid, it is advisable to the user not to use non-verified flavored liquids.

What do the researchers say?

After conducting some tests on the flavored liquids, the researchers believe that liquid can be harmful to the health of the human after the chemical is burned. They say that chemical reactions occur in the liquid. But only after the liquid is heated, the chemical composition of the liquid changes and causes harm to the user. The flavored additives can be anywhere from 0.5% to 10% in a liquid. The researchers found out that when a solvent is mixed, 40% of the flavored substances are converted to acetal compounds. When the researchers tested further, they found out that more than 80% of acetals in the liquid is converted into vapored to be inhaled. If a user feels any kind of irritation after inhaling the smoke, then the user may be suffering due to the flavored liquid. If a user continues to vape even after these symptoms, then the user may suffer from a very dangerous problem at a later stage of life. They may even end up dying due to it. It is true that E-cigarettes are safe to vape, but the brands of these flavored liquids cannot be trusted and hence, the user must buy from them only after verifying the product.

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