Reasons for sending good morning message to wife

Reasons for sending good morning message to wife

Waking up with a beautiful morning text does set one in a good mood. With the sun rays shining on the top of your head, passing through the perforated curtain, wake you up and a sweet good morning message is like a cherry on the top of the cake. Who doesn’t like to wake with a sweet kiss on the forehead? Wives are stereotyped to show tantrums. But they are just tactics to gather their husband’s attention. A wife wants attention of her husband not every time but whenever he gives her attention, it should be complete attention. And to get that, she has to pull off some tantrums. But with a simple good morning message for wife, any husband can win any fight unless it’s an extreme case.

The good morning message for wife doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or long lines of Shakespearean poetry. It can be as simple as Good morning written on a yellow sticky note. A rose on the table lamp can cheer up any woman’s mood. If you have an anniversary or some other occasion, you wish to do something special, then you can make her breakfast. Align the breakfast in plates with a beautiful rose and serve with hot beverage and a lovely kiss on the forehead. Every morning, generally in every household, woman has to take care of the meals of the day for herself and her spouse as well. So, one day she doesn’t have to worry about it and gets to spend the day with herself (becoming more self-aware) or her family / loved ones. What she wouldn’t do to get that one day but you got to care for your family and earn for them as well. Hence, she ends up working in her office and the kitchen. Making breakfast is a lovely gesture to show your care for her.

Some people are not morning person. It means that they don’t really like to wake up in the morning. If your wife is one of them, then you have to be a little more careful. Because you probably don’t want to wake her up earlier from her daily schedule. The cuddly bear might turn into a roaring one. But at the end of the day, she is a woman. Kind gestures will melt her heart. All she expects is a little effort from you.

The day a woman gets married to you is the day (as per the Indian Customs) she leaves her family behind and becomes a part of yours. Don’t you think that is a very big step for any person? Can you imagine yourself leaving your house, your mother, your father, your siblings and everyone and start loving their family. Accepting everyone with their flaws is a very difficult. It’s not like the husband doesn’t accept his woman’s family. He does but does he has to compromise the way his wife has to? If you can make her day with a morning text, then what’s the harm in doing it?

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