New Pictures And Updates- Photolemur

New Pictures And Updates- Photolemur

The PHOTOLEMUR is an app, which is used for editing and enhancement of a photograph. This application runs on Windows, Android OS as well as iOS. Like the other apps, this application also has an exciting new update, this update increases the accuracy of the application and makes it more reliable. The photos edited by this application or the photos which are shot by the professional photographers. The main features of photolemur are –

  1. High-quality filters
  2. Maintains image quality.
  3. Gives attractive colors to photograph.
  4. Don’t affect the structure the photo from anywhere.
  5. Good lenses options.

Updates In The Application:

There are many updates in the application because one or another day a new trend sets around us. To full fill the needs of friend new updates are available, so when we talk about the updates, the latest update of the application is 2. 2. 1. When the application gets updated to the 2. 2. one update, it gets a very attractive picture of lens correction. The feature of lens correction gives a very much flexible nature to the image editor application and has features as follows:

  • The lens correction application lets the focus open camera to be auto adjust it.
  • The lens correction improves the distortion of the lens.
  • One more picture of the lens correction is that if the photo is wider than the lens, it adjusts itself according to width.

How to use the application?

The application is more likely easy to handle because the controls of the application are not so professional and are easy to understand. After the update of the application, there is no drastic change in the controls of application, but the performance and the lens correction feature is acceptable and remarkable.


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