Neon Clocks: Unforgettable Decor for Your Service-Based Business

Neon Clocks: Unforgettable Decor for Your Service-Based Business

Today’s business owners need to make their enterprise stand out to stay competitive in crowded markets. Modern consumers are constantly bombarded with impressions from numerous brands and companies throughout their day. Traditional advertising methods are no longer the most effective way to find and retain good customers.  In order to stay relevant, businesses like eateries, home services contractors, and specialty merchandisers need to find new and unexpected ways to attract attention. One solution to this problem is neon clocks. How does a neon clock make your business more memorable?

Practical Concerns

Business owners have to consider many factors when choosing decor for their space like current decorating themes, the opinions of their customers, and budget issues. Installing a neon clock offer are a practical solution to these problems.

  • The lights that power these clocks are some of the longest-lasting available to the general public. Neon bulbs can last up to a decade before they need replacing. This reduces the amount of money business owners have to spend to keep their signs shining bright.
  • Neon lights use very little energy. Flourescent and incandescent bulbs use almost 50% more power than neon. This can add up to huge savings over time.
  • Clocks are easy to install, rearrange, and incorporate into an existing design scheme. Unlike larger light displays that depend on separate bulbs, these one-piece fixtures don’t require professional servicing when it’s time to make a change.

Consumer Appeal

The flashiness of neon signs make them difficult to ignore. These signs force passersby to stop and absorb their message. Clocks have the same effect on potential consumers, along with some other added benefits.

  • Clocks can be customized with logos, pictures, and other elements to fit the business owner’s needs. Design a one-of-a-kind piece that shows what your business does best to remind customers of your services.
  • A neon clock can be used as subtle lighting for smaller areas. Place several clocks along the perimeter of your space for an otherworldly ambiance that keeps consumers coming back.
  • Give your customers something to talk about with neon decorations. Unique pieces are more memorable and encourage visitors to share their experiences with others. This is a great way to increase word-of-mouth business.

These bright wall accessories are attractive, customizable, and something your visitors will never forget. In a storefront, they can persuade skeptical shoppers to come in and check out what you have to offer. Indoors, they are a memorable way to advertise your brand without a large or prolonged investment. Neon clocks are a fun and affordable way to increase visibility and attract new customers.

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