How To Present An Excellent Academic Work

How To Present An Excellent Academic Work

Academic work must have an impeccable order. The secret to having that meticulous organization is to ask ourselves questions: what hypothesis do I want to defend? What texts have I found that can contradict that hypothesis? Which ones support it? And after having all that very clear, now it’s just about writing a story that tells how our main thesis is born.

The Structure

All good academic work worth its quality must follow a simple structure that will also help us organize our history and that the presentation is adequate.

Cover Page

A good cover, in addition to the creativity or aesthetic taste that we want to put in, something that is optional that always makes our work stand out above the others must include the title, our name, the teacher and subject for which it has been done, the date of presentation and the university or institute we attend.


As the name implies, we must summarize in a few words (about 300) what our work is all about. What thesis we will defend, what methods we have chosen to defend it and what conclusions we have reached.


You have to title each section so that it is clear what we are going to talk about. If we include tables or illustrations (which is highly recommended to make reading more enjoyable), we should also refer to them in the index.


We have to explain the reason for our work, what we want to demonstrate or tell what areas it involves, and a summary of the documents consulted.

Body Of Work

This is when we tell everything we want to say: the fundamental theory, what it shows, who or how it is discussed, and how it is finally ratified or dismantled. Of course, all divided into chapters, numbered, organized, and well titled.


This is the part where we narrate the end of the story. The outcome of our work and the place where we respond to the unknowns that motivated the creation of the text. Check myadmissionsessay review. Let’s not forget that the end is one of the parts that are mostly retained in the memory, so we must strive to make it a good icing that stays in the busy mind of our teacher, especially when you get ready to put the notes.


If we need to include glossaries, plans, photos, or some other material that has not fit us in the body of the work, this is the site.

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