How to Choose the Right Pearl Ring for an Occasion?

How to Choose the Right Pearl Ring for an Occasion?

There are several styles and designs of pearl rings like cocktail ring, solitaire, multi-stone design etc. but how to select a style that suits a specific occasion and how to wear it in the right manner? Mentioned below are few details regarding this.

  • Cocktail Ring

It is an elaborate and showy kind of designer jewellery. Large pearl centered among gems and fine metal design or collection of small pearls for bright and splendid look. Ask for pearl ring with shiny on metallic style when you visit your jeweller now. These rings are perfect for enjoyable night out, parties and formal occasions.

  • Solitaire

They are finely drawn, realistic ring, but not second from other designs. They can be searched for single pearl design in gold, silver or platinum.

Pearls solitaire make silent, peaceful impression despite its complicated designing style is getting more popular.

Single pearl ring is delicate and looks pretty which makes it suitable for a romantic motive.

Multiple stone rings featuring many gems in a clump or sequence. Designs of rings having three or four pearls in line and pearls display with sapphire or emeralds.

These rings are multifaceted and go with every event. They can be worn or removed easily.

What can I wear with my pearl ring?

Pearl has very unique and decent appearance. Wear your favourite pearl ring with fashionable attire which matches its standard. Ring will be most favoured with rugged jeans and cotton white shirt.

Cocktail event or evening dressing up is best with pearl jewellery.

For office goers, pearls can be worn with tight fitted trouser and loose top or with elegant suit. Pearl rings highlight women’s attitude and delicateness or with formal outfits worn by both male and female.

We don’t mean to say pearl rings cannot be worn with casual loose fittings clothes. However, remember that baggy or loose outfits make the pearl dull and unnoticed.

Pearls are very delicate when fixed into rings. Avoid using such rings in crowded places or occasions where there are chances of getting scratches on it.

Accessories with Pearl Rings

Attractive pearls are of highest quality so it is better to wear with light jewellery. Simple chain necklace or with gold earrings can embrace your attire. Wear headband in hair to make the pearl trendier and to underline the female features.

French grooved nails will look beautiful with pearl rings.


Wearing the right kind of clothes with pearl will make a person look outstanding and luxurious. Make the right kind of shopping which make the pearl ring precious and your attitude royal.

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