Here’s How Impact Guru Helped Families Who Were Left behind after the Death of Their Loved One

Here’s How Impact Guru Helped Families Who Were Left behind after the Death of Their Loved One

Crowdfunding India is a fairly new practice being followed by people here. Though it has recently established its roots in our homeland, it continues to grow in popularity, owing to its efficiency and the fact that it can be utilized easily to raise funds. Crowdfunding is the practice of raising funds online, through a large group of people by asking each member to contribute a minimum amount, to add up to the total.

Crowdfunding India is being used by campaigners for medical as well as social and personal causes. It often happens that a family is left to fend for itself, after the breadwinner passes away. While some are privileged to buy life insurance policies and pay premium, there are others hailing from humble backgrounds and not at a liberty to do so. So what does one do in such cases?

Where earlier this would be a matter of concern for families that were left behind, things are changing now, thanks to crowdfunding India. Through this practice, families of the deceased, are being taken care of. Here’s a look at how Impact Guru crowdfunding proved to be helpful for these families that lost their dear ones:

Starting afresh

All had been smooth sailing in Gaurav Singh’s life. He was blessed with a beautiful family comprising his wife, Maja and a 2-year-old daughter Purvi. But soon, Gaurav was diagnosed with a life threatening disease that ultimately led to his untimely death, leaving his family and friends shocked.

Aside from dealing with Gaurav’s loss, his wife Maja was feeling financially burdened as well. Times were proving to be rather difficult for her and she didn’t know how to fund for herself as well as her daughter. Maja worried about how she would sponsor Purvi’s education in the coming years.

But a kind friend of Gaurav’s decided to help out the grieving family. With the help of Impact Guru crowdfunding, Gaurav’s former classmate Bodhisatwa Chakravarty, raised funds for his late friend’s family.

Bodhisatwa started a fundraiser with us for Rs. 5,00,000 and with the generous contributions, was able to raise nearly 3,50,000, with 60% of the funds raised within just two days! Aside from this, the donors also came up with suggestions to help out Gaurav’s family and they are being implemented by his wife and other family members.

A new life for Atul’s family

Atul Tandon passed on, leaving behind his wife Neisha S Tandon and a daughter, Chehak Tandon. They are based in New Zealand, living on a dependent visa. But Atul’s family was facing financial troubles, even more so owing to an expensive place like New Zealand. From running the house to sponsoring Chehak’s studies, Neisha had a lot of financial aspects bothering her. She felt demotivated and worried about how she would collect the money to pay for the expenses above.

Thankfully, Impact Guru crowdfunding came to her rescue. The platform was used by Atul’s close friend Kunwarmeet Singh, who started a fundraiser with us for Rs. 5,00,000 and managed to raise 4,32,000 with the help of 65 donors in 85 days!

With Impact Guru Crowdfunding, all you have to do is start a fundraiser and provide the necessary details such as the name, age qualifications of the patient, along with the details of the disease, the kind of treatment required and the money that it will cost.

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