Grajagan Beach, A Fascinating Shoreline of East Java

Grajagan Beach, A Fascinating Shoreline of East Java

With the famous Plengkung Beach, Pulau Merakh beach and Pesanggaran Beach, the black sand Grajagan Beach forms part of a lovely coastline which together makes up the shore of Banyuwangi in the state of East Java. In the last few years, however, Grajagan Beach has also accumulated popularity among surfing enthusiasts from around the world. Situated some 52 km south from the heart of the town of Banyuwangi, Gragajan Beach is within the 314 hectares of the Southern Banyuwangi Forest Use Area inside the Alas Purwo National Park and is located near the Grajagan Village, in the Purwoharjo shore.

The beach serves as a gateway to other great surfing spots near Banyuwangi that contains the famous G land. The vast swathe of beachfront is teeming with beautiful black sand and decorated with caves and hills. Setting foot on the beach, one may be greeted with a scenic landscape of a serene beach and rows of beautiful hills, brushed by the sound of rushing waves. Here one may also observe 3 caves which were once utilized by Japanese troops during World War II. The beach also offers a one of a kind spectacle at which you can watch traditional fisherman set the sail for the open sea, and at the mid-day Watch the boats return fully laden with their fish catch.

Here you can purchase freshly caught fish straight from the boats. Or for a one of a kind adventure, why not attempt sail along with them and grab fish the traditional manner.

Get There.

To achieve Grajagan Beach is reasonably comfortable because there are already asphalted roads for vehicles and public transportation. It can take about one Banyuwangi time to get at Grajagan Beach. The way is wide enough for large buses. Should you want to get public transportation, take the bus to Banyuwangi that belongs in the city of Jember and alight at Benculuk. By Benculuk, continue by minibus for about 12 KM before you reach Grajagan Beach.

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