Everything You Should Consider Before Purchasing Custom Blinds

Everything You Should Consider Before Purchasing Custom Blinds

The windows of your home serve several different purposes. They let light in while allowing you to see outdoors and allow in fresh air. But, whether you need privacy or just want to add an extra layer of style, your windows can benefit from the perfect set of blinds. But, do you simply run down to your local home ware store and purchase the generic white blinds that will likely disrupt the flow of your home? Or do you consider custom blinds that can take your personal home decor to a special and unique one of a kind level? Here’s everything you should consider before making your choice when it comes to custom blinds:

Light vs Privacy

What do you need the most of? Are you someone that likes to close your blinds and have it totally blacked out in a room or do you prefer a light soaked room that slightly dims when the blinds are shut? Either way, you want to consider how much privacy you want vs how much light you want to peak through your blinds. If you are adding blinds to a private area like your bedroom, an option that provides more privacy may be a better choice while your kitchen can easily stand to have as much light as you can obtain. 

Your Personal Style

Custom blinds Vancouver offer seemingly endless options that can fit just about any personal style. From different shades of colors to varying textures, there is something to fit every style. Before you head out to build your custom blinds, you want to consider your personal style and what you are looking for when you consider all the options. 


To be quite honest, every kind of blind, custom and otherwise, requires some sort of regular maintenance. Whether that is dusting them daily or having them cleaned professionally; there is some level of care that is required. If you want low maintenance blinds, be sure you let your custom blinds Vancouver retailer know so that they can guide you in the right direction. 

Custom blinds can be the difference between a standard space and a room that truly stands out with your personal style popping in every corner. Remember to consider your personal style, the level of maintenance you are willing to put in, and how much privacy vs light you’d like to have and you’ll be on your way to your perfect custom blinds.


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