Contraception – Male Methods

Contraception – Male Methods

Conventionally, the contraception means of the males incorporated condoms and vasectomies. However, lately, contraception shots for male contraception happen to be designed. It is because the process of vasectomy isn’t accurate completely. It’s not totally foolproof. You will find greater likelihood of being infertile throughout the existence for men. Therefore, the pharmaceutical information mill searching toward developing pills or hormonal inhibitors which appear as increasing numbers of lucrative choices for male birth control.


A mans contraceptive injections

Probably the most recent concepts introduced within the U . s . States is a mans contraceptive injections. The concept was visualised by an Indian researcher. It includes a shot which cuts down on the sperm fertility and disables the spermatozoa which traverses with the sperm pathways. Really, the injections include numerous chemicals which formulate gels from the sperms. The existence of the gel is between ten to fifteen years. Thus, once injected, the injection solution remains viable for any lengthy time. To date, the outcomes happen to be 100% effective.

For more than ten years now, this male pregnancy shot is on trial in India. Now, the work continues to be kick began within the U . s . States too. Initially, the sperm stunting potential from the injection was regarded as a toxic side-effect however when experimented by laboratories, the concept seems lucrative enough.

Why do not well-liked by pharmaceuticals?

The injection doesn’t have any potential financial benefits. It is because the answer remains viable for any lengthy time interval therefore eliminating the requirement for every other contraceptive methods for example condoms.


However, like the other contraceptive options, these injections also don’t offer any protection against STDs. These are perfect for couples who don’t desire a baby soon.

There are more methods that are still under development.

These comprise the next:

  • Implanting minute plugs referred to as Intra Vas Devices, IVD which block the sperms. This process of sperm control is comparable to vasectomy only there’s no operation. Rather of cutting the vas deferens, the tube is plugged. This stops the sperm flow. However, scientific studies are still happening whether men can impregnate their partners when the plugs are removed.

  • Use of heat to testes which induces infertility.

  • Using ultrasound waves to close the sperm production.

However these methods still enhance the question of methods lengthy will the procedures last questioning the economical viability from the methods.

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