Clenbuterol- Use, Effects and Availability

Clenbuterol- Use, Effects and Availability

Clenbuterol (Clen) is a well-known name of steroid that has is known to any person who frequents the gym. It is chemically similarin structure and function to the “fight or flight” hormone epinephrine. Clen has been used favorably for the treatment of bronchial obstruction like in the case of asthma. The use of this steroid in this condition is well known for the bronchial condition;this is an off-label use of it in the United Statessince this is not FDA approved. Another case where it has been exploited is by the sporting fraternity for the loss of weight in the body.

Clenbuterol form

Clenbuterol is mainly marketed in its hydrochloride form. It leads to the treatment of the different bronchial obstructions due to its function of being an efficient β2– agonist that helps in the binding of β2 receptor present in the body. This helps in the clearing of obstructed pathways that have been present in the body. It isdue to this reason that this drug has been exploited by people to cure asthma. In some cases, athletes use it to increase the oxygen levels in the blood supplying the user with bursts of energy. The use of the drug increases the body temperature leading to increased metabolic rates in the body. It is due to this reason that it leads to efficient burning of triglyceride in the body that can cause loss of fat from the body enabling the development of leaner muscles in the body. First-time users are often confused as to when to use this thermogenic aid.  Clenis normally used in the bodybuilders at the last phase of the cycle.


The different effects of Clenbuterol and availability

Clen has already discussed as a bronchial clearance agent.  However, the most common and interesting use of the steroid deals with the property of it to burn fat. This leads to toned muscles of the body just at the end of the cycles.  In different countries, people can easily avail Clen in pharmacy stores with a doctor’s prescription. In other countries, it has been legally present in different forms.

In most cases Clen has been used as pills of 20mcg each, another form of this steroid that has been commonly used is in the form of injections or oral forms. Care must be takenbefore use ofthe liquid Clen to ensure whether it is orally administered or to be injected.  Most people prefer pills as they are easier to take and are most handy.

Clenbuterol cycles

People like bodybuilders and athletes often used Clen at the end of the cycle. It affectsto cause anefficient decrease of the body fat by theloss of weight.  First-time users are mostly taking it in 20mcg. Often other people prefer the dose of 40mcg as they believe that it leads to efficient weight loss. To get the ideal effect of the drug it is recommended to use it at the tail end of the cycle when you have become lean along with a control in the diet.  People are often confused about when to use this thermogenic aid. Clen helps a person to lose the last few stubborn pounds to get a leaner body at the end of a cycle.

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