Best Scuba Diving in Indonesia: the Best Getaway for Ocean Lovers

Best Scuba Diving in Indonesia: the Best Getaway for Ocean Lovers

In this era of modernization, the daily life of human becomes more and more stressful. Thus, having a short escape to maintain our sanity becomes and important aspect in our life. If you are planning a vacation, doing scuba dive can be a great idea, especially if you love ocean. In this article, you can read about five sites of best scuba diving in Indonesia.

The list below will give brief information about some scuba diving spots in Indonesia recommended for your vacation.

  • Banda Island: this diving site is relatively quiet compared to other diving sites and also full of wonderful, healthy reefs with magnificent reef fishes, hard corals, and sponges. The place is suitable for divers with intermediate and advanced skills because despite the currents are mostly clam, they can be strong at times. It is recommended to visit in March to April, and also September to December. This place can be considered as Indonesia’s best secret as the place is still pretty much unexploited.
  • Weh Island: two areas of this island were declared by the government of Indonesia as national marine parks in order to protect the marine wildlife from any human destruction. You can dive in these areas during Indonesia’s dry season, usually starting from April up to November. The currents or this island are gentler than most diving sites, thus, suitable for divers from all levels, especially in the area of Pantee Gua, Batee Meuroron, Limbo Gapang, and Lhong Angen.
  • Lombok Island: this neighbor of Bali has managed to maintain the magnificent dive spots unexploited. This dive spot provides the pinnacles and untouched coral reefs that will certainly become an unforgettable experience. The most famous diving spot is Gili Islands, situated at the northwestern of Lombok. If you are lucky enough, you may even spot hammerhead sharks during your diving.
  • Bunaken Island: the best feature of this island is its crystal clear water. With this transparency, you will be able to enjoy the colorful fishes and coral reefs at its finest. There are a lot of dive resorts in Bunaken that provide diving trips, but every provider have their own standard and it varies greatly. It is recommended to do some research before planning the trip to ensure the provider you choose give the reasonable price for services they offered.
  • Togian Islands: these islands are situated in northern part of Sulawesi. It is a chain of islands that mostly remain untouched. You have to make sure to visit B24 Bomber Wreck, the best dive spot in the island, situated 16 km northeast of Kadidiri Island. This diving area has an astonishing water visibility and you can spot beautiful coral reefs and even black-tail barracudas. You can also visit Una Una to experience diving near volcanic island with lava ash sand.

The lists above already describe about some of the best scuba diving spots in Indonesia. Try to visit at least one of these places once in your lifetime during your free time to create the unforgettable experience of exploring the undefeated beauty of marine wildlife.

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