Best Alternatives to Tor Browser

Best Alternatives to Tor Browser

What is TOR?

Its long form “The Onion Router” suggests its purpose perfectly. Just like there are different layers of an onion, the tor browser takes you to the site after being bounced from different IP addresses. This does not allow the host of the site to know the details. These details could otherwise be known while using a normal browser like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

The main purpose of this is to make it difficult to access the traces of internet activity. Tor browser is basically used to access the Dark Web or The Deep Web.

Few reasons not to use TOR

  1. Perfect anonymity cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Organizations like NSA can easily detect the use of tor browser.
  3. With a little effort, the government could easily know that you were using tor browser.
  4. TOR provides a quite less internet Speed

Alternatives to TOR

TOR is a good browser but is quite outdated by now. Hence we must keep updating ourselves with new ways to maintain our privacy while surfing and accessing the dark web or deep web sites. Try these alternative browsers.


It is open source software that consists of a peer to peer communication layer. It distributes the information using open source tools. It varies the number of nodes depending upon the profile of the user. Also, the continuous ranking is done. The tunnels in I2P are unidirectional so naturally, the number of nodes is doubled. The surfing speed is faster than TOR.


This browser requires external memory like USB drive, DVD or even an SD card would do. It works like another operating system installed on a computer. This virtual OS consists of an inbuilt Web Browser, Office, and image editors etc. Although it uses TOR as its browser, extra security is added and hence leaving no chances of traces being left behind.


This is again a Linux based virtual OS that can be booted through a USB drive. The work done on this browser is saved on the USB drive but is encrypted before saving thus providing a good level of security. Like Tails, Freepto also comes with inbuilt Web Browser, Office, and other necessary applications. It allows hackers to communicate through internet easily. This is quite easier to install as compared to Tails.

SubGraph OS

Like above two, it is also a virtual OS, but this need not be booted from a USB drive or a DVD. Instead it can be installed permanently on a computer. Also, the browser is TOR but with additional security steps are taken. It is developed by a Canadian Security Firm and they claim that this OS has an inbuilt firewall, encrypted mail, and disk encryption as well. The advantage of SubGraph over other OSs is that we can limit the data formats we’d like to have.


This is also based on a peer to peer communication system just like I2P for distribution of data. What makes it different is- it has different protocols for user and network structure. It uses FProxy to access the internet.


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