Best Activities For Weight Loss

Best Activities For Weight Loss

Weight loss is posing a lot of problems for individuals and they don’t really know what activities to perform in general. In this article, we discuss in detail some activities to actually help get you fit.

Regular Practice of Physical Activity

No matter what you do as a physical activity – running, swimming, cycling, bodybuilding, walking, etc. – there is energy expenditure.

Even sleeping or breathing while sitting requires energy expenditure.

When your muscles are stressed, they cause your body to consume energy.

And if you have decreased your calorie intake, your body will have to draw on your fat reserves.

This is how weight loss is optimized.; by creating a negative energy balance.

Weekly Weighing

For many people, using the scale is an uncomfortable moment.

Many people simply do not weigh themselves because the figure of their body weight becomes a weight itself.

The first use of weighing is to have a quantifiable and measurable data to know its evolution and to be able to note the changes in our body mass.

But it’s not just weighing that helps to see changes or fluctuations in weight.

First, there are our clothes. Tightest pants or a hole closer or further down the waist make you realize very quickly that your waistline has changed.

Then there is the tape measure for your waist. Here, as for weighing, there is a measure, a number, a quantity.

And then also, there is the percentage of fat that is calculated by measuring skin folds or with bio-impedance. But these are less accessible techniques.

As a scientist, however, I have to advocate a form of measurement so that you can see your evolution at least by yourself.

Seeing the numbers over time, in a notebook or the spreadsheet software, you will be able to realize where you come to know where you go.

Note, however, that no matter the measure, always take it in the same conditions. For example, weighing would be done every Friday morning on an empty stomach.

That’s how you can measure your progress.

Ingestion of a Breakfast Every Morning

The word “lunch” literally means “undo, stop fasting”.

In English, the word “breakfast ” is also clear: break: break, fast: fast.

The absence of lunch would be related to excess weight. We can not say it beyond all doubt, but there is a lot of research going on right now.

One fact remains: sitting in the morning or at sunrise and “undoing the fast” is part of the adoption of good lifestyle habits.

And if your schedule does not allow you to get up early and you’re up just around lunch time, you can always say that you are “brunches” instead of having lunch.

It’s a good health compromise because, in English, the word “brunch” is a contraction of “breakfast ” and ” lunch “.


What I have just explained in this article, these are basic notions, but extremely relevant.

The good news is that we have a weight loss collection to help people with weight loss and workout planning.

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