8 Important Points to Consider while Buying a Motorcycle or Scooter

8 Important Points to Consider while Buying a Motorcycle or Scooter

Although a car is luxurious, a motorcycle has its own charm, ruggedness and adventurous feeling. No wonder, many people prefer a motorbike to a car.

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A motorbike is easy to start, requires less space, can make its way through narrow entryways and thus can be faster than a car.

Motorbikes can thus be extremely fun and offer a more engaging experience than a car making you less segregated from the surroundings and enjoy sights and fragrances of the world around.

What to Consider wile Buying a Motorcycle?

If you plan to buy a car, you can ask Dazmac on how to import a car from Australia to NZ for the best advice. But if you plan to buy a motorcycle, you should consider certain things so as to get your hands on the right thing.

Both scooters and motorbikes feature a limited storage, but they are not primarily vehicles for transporting passengers and a lot of cargo.

  1. Travel and Safety

Seasoned riders can enjoy long-distance travel, whereas for learners short local rides are more suited. But short rides too can bring dangers which should be considered.

For example, dealing with rush hour in a metropolitan area asks for more experience and concentration than riding through a small countryside road.

  1. Size

You may want to choose a bike inspired by your image riding it and the overall style. But here you have to be practical.

Don’t choose a bike that you cannot handle due to its larger size. A rule of thumb is to pick a model that lets both your feet rest firmly on the ground when stopped.

First-timers should take care of not choosing a bike too powerful for their ability. It’s recommended to begin with a small-displacement model in the 250-500 cc range.

  1. Parking

Another consideration is a safe place to park your new motorbike. While a garage is the best place, bikes can even be parked outside and covered.

But choose a secure location and/or lock the bike to protect it from being stolen.

  1. Weather

Weather is a more important factor to consider for riders than car drivers because you are literally out in it. Be prepared to be wet, messy or both wherever you will be going, even if you wear protective gear.

  1. Licence

Next factor to consider is licencing. If you buy a scooter with an engine less than 50cc, you’ll not require a licence.

But for a motorcycle with anything larger than 50cc will require a licence which you can get after a written and road test.

  1. Tutoring

You will need to enroll for a professional class before taking the tests. New riders should never start riding their vehicle without getting lessons from a pro.

Several classes offer entry-level bikes, thereby giving a chance not only for learning but also to sample bikes before actually purchasing one.

Even though you had been an experienced rider but haven’t ridden for a long time, taking up a class to brush up your skill is a good idea. Tutoring is available for all skill levels.

  1. Safety Gear

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is safety gear. You will have to invest in a helmet, jacket, gloves, boots and other protective gear.

The protective gear will not only protect you in a crash but also will protect you from the elements in normal situations.

  1. Cost

Besides the cost of the motorbike, you’ll have to consider other costs, like protective gear, insurance costs, cover while parking the bike in open spaces, fuel and maintenance.

Considering all the costs will help you decide which model to buy.

So, decide on which bike you want, buy it and enjoy the ride. Importing motorcycle from USA to Australia with Dazmac Logistics is also a good idea, so, consider it.

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