5 Traditional Snacks from Jakarta’s Betawi Ethnic Group

5 Traditional Snacks from Jakarta’s Betawi Ethnic Group

Betawi is the original ethnic group living in Jakarta. As any other ethic groups, they have their own traditional snacks and sandwiches. While you are in the city, you might not want to miss trying these 5 traditional snacks by Betawi people.

Kue rangi

Kue implies cake, and there are a number of distinct kinds. Kue range are spread thin and then cooked on a small steel griddle with a brown sugar and wheat mixture brushed at the top. Order it from a streetside vendor and watch the practice of making it yourself.

Kue cucur

You’ll find this dessert in almost every conventional marketplace in Indonesia, and there are various versions from Malaysia and Thailand. Made with rice flour and palm sugar, kue cucur tastes candy, a tiny bit savory, also has crispy thin edges with a soft middle. It is an important dish in traditional ceremonies.

Kue ape

Kue ape is made out of flour, rice flour, vanilla, coconut milk, sugar, and pandas, which give the treat its odor and green color. It is cooked a frying pan to give it a rounded shape with crispy edges and a thick and soft center. Kue ape are colloquially and famously known as booby cake due to the shape. You may typically find road stalls serving up due ape in front of schools.

Kue cubit

One of the most well-known snacks in Jakarta, kue cubit is made out of wheat and milk as the primary ingredients. The most popular version has chocolate sprinkles on top. The batter is baked on a steel molding that is somewhat like a shallow cupcake tin, and it only requires a couple of minutes to cook. Kue cubits are much like Dutch poffertjes in form and color. They are a favorite little and speedy bite (cubit way pinch and describes the small pinchable dimensions ).

Roti gambang

Roti gambang is a standard Betawi bread made with flour and brown sugar. The title is inspired by the shape of Betawi’s traditional musical instrument, the gambang.

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