5 Fantastic Ideas to Create Play Areas in Your Yard to Encourage Your Child to Play Outdoors

5 Fantastic Ideas to Create Play Areas in Your Yard to Encourage Your Child to Play Outdoors

There are incredible benefits for children of playing outdoors. These benefits are not only physical but mental too.

But in today’s lifestyle when children are more interested in playing video games or watching TV remaining indoors all the time, it’s quite a challenge to coax them to go and play outdoors.

However, by creating great outdoor play areas can do the job. This doesn’t need to be very difficult neither does it need to be expensive.

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Here are a few such ideas that will help you create play spaces that your children will love and you may have to coax them to return inside the home.

1. Active Playing

Children feel more relaxed and happy when they get a big space to move around. Toys that facilitate a great array of movements in such a space are excellent for keeping children active.

You can buy the best kids outdoor play equipment at TIny TIny Shop Shop that will include a lot of movements like jumping, hopping, sliding, climbing, swinging, balancing, kicking, bouncing, catching and throwing.

The play equipment can be either fixed or may contain portable loose parts. They can also be repurposed, i.e. converting from one toy to another.

A lot of movements facilitated with baby walking toys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop will help in the development of motor skills, teach them how to fall and take risks.

2. Creative Play

A play area for being creative doesn’t only need to be limited to drawing or painting. You can even include musical toys or objects making interesting sounds, sculpting with clay and even problem-solving opportunities.

Consider installing permanent equipment like an outdoor chalkboard or music wall. Also taking indoor objects outdoors is a good idea, e.g. a big cardboard box, an easel and paints or a toy cupboard containing doll’s clothes.

3. Sensory Play

Creating a space with water, sand, clay and mud will not only attract your little bundle of joy, but also support his brain development that takes place when the child gets his five senses activated through the sensory experiences.

Although a permanent mud pit or sand pit is an amazing idea, you can even use smaller vessels or tubs and they will work as well.

You can become creative and enhance the outdoor sensory experience by adding objects like pebbles, bubbles, a leaf pile, sea shells, herbs, pinecones, grassy surfaces, seedpods and even foods.

4. Imaginative Play

What children love the most are any secret areas and sanctuaries where they can take a refuge and create their very own world.

In that case, your child will be certainly amazed if you create a cave, a magical garden, a wizard’s hut or a pirate ship in your yard. There are endless ideas for creating an imaginative play area.

It’s even better if you have or can buy a cubby house, fort or playhouse with which children can have some wonderful pretend play.

It may even be a hair dressing salon, a secret hideout or a sunken ship, there are countless playful ideas.

Another wonderful idea is to create a space for dinosaurs to roar and trudge in a shade of a tree, a tiny play scene in a potted plant or a race track below your window.

You can even encourage children to create a fairy garden where there would be child-safe plants and herbs and objects they can add to create a charming space full of stories of magic and adventures.

5. Quiet and Secret Spaces

You can even create spaces that would be extremely quiet because as mentioned earlier, children love hideouts. So, you can use objects like a teepee, fort, cubby house, tree house, sunflower groove or anything interesting to create a quiet and secret space for your toddler.

Add to the joy of your child and let her early years be full of fun. After all, your happiness lies in hers!

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